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In the 20s a classic study was conducted to study the pattern of the citation. In 60s impact factors were introduced based on the statistical in-house data of the journal. The impact factor is the measurement that reveals the rank of a journal as per its average citation in a year. Based on these impact factors, one can evaluate the quality of the journal. The impact factor has a crucial role in helping the academicians to evaluate the excellence of a journal. Impact factor spruces up the prestige of the journal, website, conference etc. wherever it shines with a decent number. There are many out there who offer impact factor but whether one can rely on them or not is a question to ponder about. The companies and sites that provide a genuine impact factor have some specific criteria for the evaluation of the same. ITRDA gives impact factor based on various analysis reports. The rejection and acceptance rate, the number of times journal has been used as the citation in an article, the incorporation of citation of the journal in an index or abstract etc are some of the factors for evaluating the impact factor. Before assigning an impact factor the content of the journal is also analysed in order to check the flow of words and research along with the way of explaining.

For a trustable and genuine impact factor that can help the academicians and librarians’ ITRDA Impact Factor can be trusted blindly. Moreover, ITRDA provides its UG and PG publishers to have an impact factor. This gives a better exposure to your work in the world market and our professionals are always on their toes to help you out to come up with the best research work possible. A regular guidance is given by our faculty of expert, spruced up with the impact factor given by the site can even famous a UG student work in the international market.